The man who crosses Oceans

The man who crosses Oceans

Álvaro de Marichalar.

Jetski route from Rome to New York
Rome to New York

Up until yesterday afternoon I had known madness in the form of Bear Grylls and Freya Hoffmeister. Sandy Robinson and our own Lt. Cdr. Abhilash Tomy.

Yesterday I met someone who has crossed the Pacific Ocean on a JetSki. He’s done a 18,000 km trip from Rome to New York on a 3m Jetski. To say that it’s madness is an understatement. To say that it’s being free is an even bigger one.

At the Royal Bombay Yacht Club, he gave a modest audience a 30 minute lecture on his expeditions, what motivates him and what the sea is to him. I spoke to him of my expedition and he was happy to meet me today morning.

I met him at 9:30 this morning, after navigating some good bit of office traffic. He was full of ideas and things to share. And from his wealth of experience, I gathered some important insights –

  • Water, water, every where; Nor any drop to drink.
  • Navigating with the wind, setting it behind you as far as possible
  • Trust in fisherman. Not the weather guy.
  • Wear a white cotton t-shirt. If any clothing at all. (You are out in the wild, aren’t you?)
  • Maps and Navigation
  • Logging the event

He’s promised to help out with any questions I may have. And I probably will have more.

But the important question that he answered yesterday itself – Sharks are like Pitbull. If you don’t give them a reason, they won’t bite you.

More on his exploits –

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