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SF Watches carried the day with their support of the entire expedition.

The title sponsors fort he expedition built a 6 part web series that saw 1Mn viewers on Youtube along with lakhs of organic social media interactions on Instagram and Facebook.

The web series can be found here.

We covered SF on the kayak in prominent spots such as –

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JellyFish Watersports

Big Thanks to JellyFish Watersports for backing the expedition.

Kaushiq Kodithoti has worked on building a kayaking center there that lets you test the waters of Kerala on the calm, yet exciting Chaliyar River. Brilliant place to kick back and relax or to PaddleHard.

The people are lovely, the food is exquisite and with a big array of watersports, it’s quite the place to be.

Big shout out to Headrush for loaning me a GoPro. Head on over to play some paint ball or organize a corporate event that involves being outdoors.

Big shout out to Shahid Basheer for loaning me his Garmin Handheld GPS device. I’ll use it to find out where the hell I am, and that’s always important!

Big shout out to Neerav Ghosh for the GoPro he loaned me the night before leaving from bombay! Damn nice to have it meet me at home since everything was on a tight schedule.

Thanks a bunch guys.

You have to decided what ‘image’ you want for your brand.
Image means personality. Products, like people, have personalities, and they can make or break them into pieces.
– David Ogilvy

Choosing to put up bill boards across the city is not an easy task. Neither is deciding which magazine is going to bring in the next set of influencers.
What is easy though, is to be sure that Kayaking the Indian Coastline has never been done before.
It’s bold, big and going to change things. And that is a fact.

What’s on offer?
I will be kayaking 3000 kms of coastline from Kutch to Kanyakumari.

  • That’s 5 states and 1 UT.
  • There will be video content, photographic content and textual content created on the go.
  • The expedition will be covered extensively on Digital.

But don’t go by the text, get the Deck.

And write into Meraki Connect or into me directly kaustubh@paddlehard.in.

If you want me to talk at your event Request a Talk