Now I’m getting a lot of questions about Kayaking recently, and I thought I’d set the record straight on these. So let’s start with the Q&A.

How did you even get into this?

Penguin falling over
Only there were two of us.

Sarang Paramhans and I were in Goa. And the fancy took us to review the dolphins from upclose. Said dolphins didn’t take a fancy to coming ashore, so we took a double kayak out to meet them.

2 Kms in, and with the waves getting bumpy, I fell in love with Kayaking and the thrill, and Sarang took a train home.

I found a great company based out of bombay who taught me and I have been kayaking out of Marine Drive ever since.


Is this, like, a full time thing now?

Doing it till the money lasts
Doing it till the money lasts.

I quit my job in March,2016. And walked out of a promising interview to fulfill this expedition.

It’s been a long standing dream to see an Indian Kayak the whole Coast of India, and I’m thinking I could be him.

So, yes, this is what I’m dedicated to full time now.


So, do you train people?

When the occasion calls for it, I can bring out the training paddles. But I don’t take classes. Yet.

So, what’s this record people talk about?

Limca Record Book Entry
Longest Solo Kayaking by an Indian

What’s the motivation here? Why are you doing it?

India has the 20th largest coastline. And it’s been unexplored! And we need to get out there and see it. Also, as a kayaker it’s the best way to get the message of kayaking out there.

What is your daily schedule like on the water?

For the Bombay Goa expedition, I would be on the water by 6-6:30. I’d typically kayak 5-6 hours a day. This could be in one stretch, or two with a lunch break in between. I also did some purely evening runs when the sea was rough and more fun, but it was always a risk with the quickly departing sunlight.

What will your daily schedule be like on this expedition?

I will aim to be out at first light. This could be 6. I will be paddling longer hours this time, and want to push my daily paddling hours to 8-10 a day.

What does 8 -10 hours a day mean?

LOTR. Eowyn fights the King of Angmar
Thank you Eowyn.

Kayaking for long durations bring the following things into play ->

  • For every hour I kayak, I take a 5 minute break to drink water / eat an energy bar / contemplate life
  • Muscle fatigue and a sore back are almost a given, and in the Bombay / Goa expedition, by day 3 I couldn’t sleep through the pain
  • Damp / Heat. I am almost always wet. And with the heat coming down on you for the greater part of the day, it leads you to having a full blown cold by day 4. The kind you need a sleep inducing medication for.


Are there any other things you look out for?

Where is the water?
Where is the water?


It is the single most important thing out there. My biggest enemy through the last expedition, something I fought everyday, was de-hydration.

It meant waking up at 1 in the night with a parched throat and cramping through paddling.

What do you eat?

Squirrel eating nuts
Nuts! Stop staring.

Breakfast of Champions is a bowl of Museli and boiled eggs. Without fail. 17 days of the expedition and two weeks prior to it, made me feel I’d forgotten what Poha tastes like.

While kayaking, I am constantly eating fruit / dry fruits and energy bars.

Did we cover water? Probably good time to go get a glass of water.

Dinner is usually at a restaurant / home stay we are at. And hopefully has fish in it. #protein

So, with all that water drinking…?

Kid saying - Let's not go there
Yes, let’s not

One has to take life with a pinch of salt. But if you’re visiting the John too often, then you’ve got to take a lot more of it.

As I told a RJ on my last expedition – When you have to go, you have to go though.

On prodding, I am reluctantly putting up the link of this RJ discussion below.


And after the break.


 What is your next expedition?

West Coast of India
Check out this wicked Coast!

I will kayak from Gujurat to Kanyakumari. I am starting from Dwarka on the 12th of November, god willing. And will kayak down the coastline, through Diu, Aalang and onto Maharashtra. I will traverse it down to Bombay for the Phase 1 of the expedition.

Then a repeat of last years efforts. Only faster. Till I land in Goa. Phase 2.

Then it’s onto Karnataka and 300 kms of it’s untouched coastline. Phase 3.

Phase 4 is through the familiar territory of Kerala where I hope to enjoy the backwaters, but not enough to slow us down.

Phase 5 is entering Tamil Nadu and finishing the expedition. Roll on applause.

Phase 2.5 is Goa. This might be a little break. Since it’s where it all began.

So, PaddleHard then?

Yes. PaddleHard indeed.